Carnival Rides at 15 and 30

Last night, two friends and I hit one of the first festivals of the season.  Our intent was to find the beer tent and enjoy some great music.  We did achieve that goal, but not before a quick trip to the midway.  The first thing that struck me was how expensive it is!  I can remember when it was $1 for a game.  Now it’s $3 for one try and $5 for two.

I’ve never been a fan of the ferris wheel, it scares the hell out of me!  Last night, it was so bad I actually called my mommy to calm me down while we were stuck at the top.  I figured that if nothing else, she could rush over to claim the body when the wheel came falling to the ground.  Once we were in motion, it was great!  The fireworks were going on and being able to watch them from the top of the ferris wheel was great!

Next, I went on one of my favorite rides, the Zipper.  So much has changed since the last time I rode it, half a lifetime and probably four inches ago.

At 15: “Damn, this is going to be fun!”
At 30: “What the hell am I thinking?!”

As they load the rest of the passengers:

At 15: “Damn, finish loading so we can get going!”
At 30: “I wonder how many ways this door is closed.”

At 15:  “Seriously, how long does it take to load everyone??”
At 30:  “Uh, that noise couldn’t have been good.  Do you suppose this is a new crew and they didn’t get all the bolts tight??”

At 15:  “If I rock this enough, I can get it spinning before we even start!”
At 30:  “No, really, what is he doing with that hydraulic lever?  Oh well, at least I have a friend on the ground who has my phone.  She can call my family when this thing falls apart and I die.”

Once the ride is going:

At 15:  “How can I get this spinning faster??”
At 30:  “Do you suppose this cage would hold up if it flew off from this height?”

At 15:  “Wow, I’m not touching anything other than the support bar!”
At 30:  “Ow, this can’t be good for the neck!  Ow, ow, shit, if I don’t stop spinning, I might puke!”

Is it a bad thing when the carnie asks if you’re okay as you get off the ride??  Other than walking like I’d been in the beer tent for hours, I was fine.  It was still fun, but not as much fun now that I have adult responsibilities like staying alive for my daughter!

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One Response to Carnival Rides at 15 and 30

  1. stamperdad says:

    Ah age the great equalizer. If only we could retain the child in us a little longer. All we can do is try.


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