Quitting Again, Day One

When Rick and I realized that our insurance offers smoking cessation medication for a $10 copay, we both jumped at the opportunity. Neither of us truly enjoy smoking. It drains the bank account, makes everything smell bad, etc. Last Monday, we both received prescriptions for Chantix. As the medication builds in our systems, smoking becomes more and more of smoking for the habit rather than smoking for the cravings.

Last night, we were both running low on cigarettes and decided to quit two days earlier than our set date. We talked about it and both felt like we were ready and that it was just the habit that kept us lighting up. This morning has been a bit tense, he’s irritable and I’m anxious. I feel like if I’m not doing something I need to light up. For that reason, I’m cleaning my house like you wouldn’t believe (and trust me, those who know me wouldn’t believe). Once peanut is down for her nap, I’m going to the gym. I’m hoping that physical activity becoming easier will become another motivator for me. It is nice to bump the treadmill up to 5mph (don’t laugh) and go from a walk to a jog.

I’ve given Rick a free pass to play his game until he forgets his name this weekend. Whatever we need to do to get through the first couple days, that’s what we’ll do. As of today, all of the ashtrays, ashes, cigarette butts, and empty packs will be out of our house. There is no going back!

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