Now I Know…

Yesterday, I had to take the ServSafe certification course.  This is a requirement by the state to become a licensed restaurant manager.  The good news is that I will soon be licensed, and if I choose to find a job closer to home, I would be able to take those certifications with me.

I understand the need for classes like this, really, I do.  I even managed to learn a few things along the way.  We learned how to implement a crisis management plan (please God, don’t let me ever need that knowledge), where to get the state food code, things to look for in the store to make it beyond the required minimums, etc. For the most part, it was common sense.

What struck me was the amount of time they spent on washing hands.  Yes, it’s critical that hands are washed regularly.  I think anyone who goes out in public knows that the health department requires employees to wash their hands after using the restroom.  I was truly surprised to see an entire 20 minute section devoted to handwashing on top of the many other times it was brought up.

I guess it all comes back to my theory of food karma.  Many years ago, I realized that part of my reasoning for always washing my hands and never doing anything to someone’s food no matter how much they pissed me off is because by doing these things, I will get the same in return when I go out to eat.  I know the chances are slim, but I think that delusion may be the only thing that allows me to eat out!

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4 Responses to Now I Know…

  1. What disturbs me are the signs in restaurant bathrooms that say, “Employees must wash hands before returning to work.” It disturbs me that something sparked the need for these signs…ugh.

  2. Mada says:

    Does it make you feel better to know that doesn’t just mean after using the restroom? It also means if they tuck in a shirt that wasn’t tucked in, fix their hair, etc. Sometimes people don’t think of things like this as requiring that you wash.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Anything more and I’ll be grossed out.

  3. rosemerry says:

    I was at a restaurant and the waitress fixed her hair in the dining room. There was a mirror. Our food came in the window and she picked it up and brought it to us. I don’t mean she tucked her hair behind her ear. She took it down, ran her hands through it, and then put it back up. Then she brought us our food. The only reason I ate it was because I didn’t see her hands actually touch my food or the top of my plate.

    I met the manager at another time and told him what happened. He said she doesn’t work there anymore. I still haven’t gone back to that restaurant.

  4. Mada says:

    I don’t blame you at all for not going back! Some of the things I see make me want to eat in the safety of private kitchens forever!

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