I Hate When She Does That!

There is much debate in writing circles about whether the author writes the story or whether there comes a time when the character comes to life and does as they wish.  While I know that without my fingers crossing the keyboard my characters do nothing, I have to say that I have times where my characters do something I’m not expecting.  I believe that stories evolve in our heads as we write and our imagination may have a different storyline in mind than our brain did when plotting everything out.

For example, I was writing my assignment for class late last night.  I’ve known since I started this assignment that my MC was going to move away to escape the pain of losing her husband.  As I wrote, I realized she couldn’t do that.  It was selfish and would have been devastating to her daughter.  I was so certain she was going to move to another state and start a fresh life that it was hard for me to accept that she wasn’t going to move.  Even though the story turned out better than I had planned, it was an odd feeling.

I wonder if that may be part of the reason I had so much trouble writing this assignment.  For a month, I have been putting it off because every time I sat down my thoughts and words were frozen.  Last night, I forced myself to keep going and once I wasn’t stuck to my original storyline, the words flowed.  Hopefully that was the cause of my block and I will be able to write again!  For the first time in a month, I’m looking forward to my afternoon alone at home so I can write.

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