Continuing Education

I’m learning more and more about myself and the world around me every day.  I hate to say that many of these lessons are being taught through the University of Facebook.  Today’s lesson is that the people you knew in high school may not be the same people you find 13 years later on a social networking site.

Since becoming a bit more active on Facebook, I’ve been getting in touch with more and more former classmates.  There are some it’s nice to find, others who brought out the “fat girl” and the geek in me.  I didn’t request to be their friend because I wasn’t cool enough to be their friend in school.  I figured they would laugh at my request and never think of it again.  I don’t know why that would bother me, but it kept me from reaching out at first.

Today, I received my second ever Wall post (comment), the first being from my dad.  This one was from someone who I most definitely was not close to in school.  He wished my daughter a happy birthday.  It meant a lot to this completely un-cool girl to get that comment.  Again, I’m not sure why.

As peanut and I left for the swimming pool, it hit me.  He’s not the same guy I knew back then.  We’ve all had 13 years to grow and (hopefully) mature.  I’m sure there are some kids I thought would be the top of their class in everything they did who haven’t done much at all.  I’m sure there are slackers who have reached great heights.  I’m sure there are plenty of us right in the middle.  The fact is, some of these people have let go of everything that happened, all those who snubbed them, etc.  I’m not sure that I had until I received that wall comment.

Tonight, I will reach out to someone standing outside of my comfort zone.  I will not sit along the wall waiting to find out if I’m cool enough to hang out with so-and-so.  If I’m not, who cares.  I’m me and I’m perfectly fine with that!

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