Learning to Have Style

Choosing accessories to go with a cute summer top should not cause one to hyperventilate in Target, nor should it have one on the verge of tears.  Shouldn’t, but it did.  I was about 10 seconds from finding the nearest “stylish girl” and dragging her over to help me.  Luckily, I didn’t totally bust, Rick said one of the necklaces looks good, the other will look good with something, just not what I bought today.

Some women are born with style, others learn from those around them.  Having a mother who had no problem going out in sweatpants, had the same makeup for years (probably still has the same stuff she had when I was in school), and thought a banana clip was the perfect hair restraint, has left me somewhat screwed.

I’m 30 years old and trying to figure out how in the hell to wear something other than cotton.  There are only a few types of shirts in my bedroom.  Casual t-shirts (aka, free crap you get from somewhere), ribbed tank tops, solid color polos, and “dress” t-shirts.  No shape, no patterns, nothing girly.

Before today, I owned two necklaces, the one my husband bought for Christmas last year and the one I bought for a job interview this week.  It’s only been about 7 months that I’ve had a jewelry box.

In the pants department, denim and cotton is about all you get.  Oh, and some very oversized dress pants from after I gave birth and had to go back to work.

Slowly, I’m learning how to do this.  Every week (I’m shooting for Saturdays) I am going to write a little of what I’ve learned.  And as with everything in my life, it will be on a budget.  It looks like I may be heading back into the “office world” rather than the food industry soon, so I have to rebuild my wardrobe.

This week’s lesson applied (thanks to “What Not to Wear” for the lesson):
Have clothes tailored. Rather than buying something that looks okay overall but may be loose in some areas and pulling in others, buy for the biggest part of your body and have them altered.  I’ll be taking the clearance pants I bought to the cleaners on Monday to see what they can do and how much it’ll cost.  I found a $55 pair of Lane Bryant dress slacks on clearance for $19.99 plus another 50% off this weekend.  I think I can afford to have the legs taken in a little!  I’ll also take in the pants that are too big in the waist, maybe they can do something so those aren’t a total loss!

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