Moving On or Running Away?

Things have been beyond crazy here, in a good way!  Here’s an excerpt from the latest Kiera Colby story.  This character drives me nuts sometimes!  The life circumstances are different, but I definitely see pieces of myself in her.

Kiera swept the bangs out of her eyes as she searched through the online classified ads. It had been six months since her husband, Brady, had died in a car accident and the home they had created felt like a prison since that December morning. As much as she couldn’t stand the thought of leaving the two-bedroom house on Locust Street, she knew she couldn’t stay.

Moving to a new town was something that caused Kiera much anxiety. She was worried that without any friends in the area to help her, she would unknowingly move her five year old daughter, Ashley, to a less than desirable part of Little Rock.

The small tech company Kiera worked for had an office in Little Rock with a human resource manager vacancy. Although she’d never been away from Wisconsin, she’d submitted her resume. Less than a month later, Kiera had completed two phone interviews, flown to Arkansas for a face-to-face interview, and was offered the position. Now, the only thing left to do was find a suitable apartment for the two of them.

As she reached for the phone to inquire about a two bedroom, she was startled to hear it ring. The ring tone warned that it was her mother.

“Hi, mom,” Kiera answered with a sigh. Since she’d announced that they would be moving, every conversation with her mother was the same: endless nagging about losing daily contact with her daughter and granddaughter.

“Kiera, I was hoping you and Ashley would come over for dinner,” her mother stated flatly.

Despite the lack of the usual complaining, Kiera knew it was a trap. . Her father had remained silent about her decision to move away, but tact was not a skill her mother possessed. During a time when she wanted nothing more than to be supported by her family, she felt alienated by them. Kiera hated disagreeing with her parents, but she knew she was making the right decision.

“We’ll have to see, mom. I have to make some phone calls today and then I have to sort through some more stuff. There’s so much left to do, I’m not sure we’ll be able to make it.”

“I really hope you’ll think about it.” Her mother sounded upset. “I’ll make extra so we’ll be sure to have enough.”

Kiera hated guilt trips, and knew that she was about to find herself stuck on one very soon. Mom, it’s not going to work, she said to herself, trying to stay strong. “I’ll try. The move is in less than a month and if I don’t find an apartment, I’m in trouble.”

“Do what you have to do.” Karen Ashby issued a sigh of her own. “I was just thinking that once the two of you move, we won’t see you, that’s all. Mrs. Genin’s daughter moved away, you know. She said they’d be back to visit as often as they could. Now, Andrea has had two children since she and her husband moved to New Mexico. You know Mrs. Genin has yet to meet them?”

“Mom, we’re not moving to the complete opposite side of country. It’s just a few states away.”

“You say that now, but how will Ashley deal with not getting to spend weekends here anymore? How will you deal with not having a break to just be yourself?”

Kiera had to admit that she and Ashley would both miss the time with her family. “Well, if I wasn’t on the phone with you right now, I’d be getting everything done. Let me let you go make my calls and sort through this mess.”

” See you about six?”

“Yes, mom. We’ll be there by six.” Kiera groaned, her mother’s words resonating in her head.

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