Try It On!

As a “plus-size” girl, it’s easy to walk through any store looking at all of the things you think are adorable only to find that they don’t have your size. Many times, it seems as though buyers think that the only people in the world who are overweight are either in the senior set or don’t care how they look.

This week, I had an interview that I knew I had to look good for. I ran to Target after a meeting at school praying they’d have something that looked decent. As usual, the plus size section was about four racks, all either too old for me or too casual for an interview. Yes, I know I could have found something professional looking at the mall, but time and money were factors.

I wandered to the misses section on the off chance that something would fit. What I found pleasantly surprised me. I found a skirt that I was sure wouldn’t look the greatest and four shirts that fit the bill. They were professional looking and my size was in stock.

I’ve never been one to visit the fitting room, but again, there was no time for something to look good on the hanger and not on the body. I took the five items in, changed into the skirt, and started trying on shirts. The first, my favorite on the hanger, would have worked if they had one size larger. It pulled in all the wrong places. The second was okay, but nothing I’d want for an interview. The third was a good possibility. The last top, the one I was sure I wouldn’t like and had only grabbed because of the size, fit perfectly and hid my trouble spots.

A quick trip to get some hose to smooth and contain and I was out the door! The outfit must have helped me make the right impression, they want to set up a second interview. Too bad I probably won’t take the job because of the location and school, but it’s nice to know that I succeeded!

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