Even Adults Need Adjustment Time

Today is the first day of August.  With that comes parents and children getting ready for another school year.  This morning, all of the news reports seemed to feature doctors talking about the importance of getting your child ready for their new schedule long before the night before classes start.  This is good advice, and is important for adults going to school to heed.

I’m not an organized, scheduled person.  I know this and accept it.  At the same time, if I don’t get a schedule in place, I’m going to be up a creek if I don’t figure out a schedule that will allow me to be successful at school, work, and still have time for my family.  All of these are important to me, so I’ve started scheduling my days to give me some “practice” time.

What I’ve found is that planning each event as you start it is good practice.  For instance, when I’m at home and getting ready to do housework, I look at the clock.  I figure out how much I want to get done and how long I want to work on it.  Then, when that time comes, I stop.  By doing this, I’m setting some boundaries for myself so I don’t wind up in the “one more thing” game.  Surprisingly (if you’re not a planner by nature), I’m more productive now than when I didn’t plan what I wanted to get done.  By setting a stop time, I try to get as much as I can done before time is up.

At work, I figure out how much prep work I have to do in the mornings and set time goals for myself there as well.  Again, I’ve found myself working faster in order to meet those goals.

In addition, I’ve set a time when the TV and computer go off for the night and I’m only allowed to read or do something else quiet.  I read somewhere that turning off electronics helps the brain relax before bed.  It seems to be working!

Hopefully, by changing my routines now I will be on the right path a month from tomorrow when I walk into school for the first time in 13 years!

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