Poor Aaron

I’m not sure how bad it is outside of Wisconsin, but it seems like there is nothing in the world more newsworthy than Brett Favre right now.  Will he come back?  Will he be traded? Blah, blah, blah….

Personally, I feel bad for Aaron Rodgers!  I have been told I was getting a promotion and then found out it wasn’t going to happen.  That’s essentially what could happen to Aaron this year.  Fortunately for me, my letdowns were in the privacy of small businesses, not in front of the nation.

I understand how much Brett Favre has done for Green Bay in the past 16 years.  He’s been the quarterback for over half of my life.  What I don’t understand is how seemingly intelligent people turning into whiny toddlers at the thought of Green Bay not handing him the starting position on a silver (or is that gold?) platter.  He said he was retiring.  At the time, he swore he wasn’t being pressured (although that story has now changed).  Green Bay did what they needed to move on with business.  Now grown men and women are going on and on about how unfair it is that they won’t bump Rodgers after all Brett has done.  Some have gone so far as to say they will cheer for whatever team Brett plays for and turn their backs on the Packers.

I can’t wait for tomorrow, when they announce whatever they’ve decided to do.

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