Take a Year Off?

Being in the situation that I’m in, I think taking a year off between high school and college can be a dangerous decision. There were issues other than wanting a year off that kept me from going directly to college, such as I had to get off my butt and get a GED because, in my senior year, I was the epitome of “didn’t apply herself” and wound up short on required credits. My situation is of my own making. I slacked in 1995 and I’m still paying the price for that in 2008.

Many times, I’ve met people who planned on a year off and wound up being thirtysomething with no college education. It’s too simple to let life get in the way. In the year after high school, you get lucky and find a decent paying job, by your uneducated standards. By the time you’re planning to go back, you move out of home and have all of the grown up bills that are paired with being independent. You meet someone, get married and have kids. One day, you wake up and wonder where your life took a wrong turn.

In my mind, the better option would be to plow through it, knowing that you will be done with school and living your life in a few years. Recently, I have heard a few people who disagree with that. They don’t regret a year off and they did mean ONE year when they said it. Please, share your thoughts on this!

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3 Responses to Take a Year Off?

  1. Polenth says:

    A year out can be good if you have a plan and some money. Life experience can help things like study skills and motivation. I didn’t have that option when I was at that point (I had no money and there weren’t any jobs locally). I didn’t do that well in my first degree.

    Some years later, after a break from education, I went back to university. My second degree is the highest grade under the UK system.

    It’s a case of knowing yourself. Some people need the time to get themselves sorted and some don’t. Some people won’t go back if they take a break, because they get distracted. You’re the only one who can know what’s right for you.

  2. Mada says:

    I think that’s a great point. I did get distracted for a long time and I think the biggest thing that kept me distracted was my own mind. I felt like if I went back, my family would suffer. I talked myself out of going back in the past. Now I know that’s not an option. Hopefully, I will have success as you did in your second degree.

  3. ryinth says:

    I really, really wanted to take a year off after high school – to get a part-time job and actually have a little money for once (wasn’t allowed a job during high school, had to concentrate), but dad pushed for me to go to college, so I went.

    College was good (dropped out of art, graduated from biotechnology and pathology) but I really regret not having that year, I work full time now in a job I don’t ever plan on leaving, but I feel like I missed out on some experiences by not having that year to myself.

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