A Space to Call My Own

Last year, when I was working from home, we shoved my desk into the “junk room” of our apartment.  Since we don’t have any storage here, it was the room where things went to be forgotten.  Since then, I’ve struggled to find peace in this space.

Thanks to a landlord who really doesn’t care about the building but does have a heart, I was able to get some paint and add some color to my office.  I firmly believe there is a condtion called “white wall woe” which is a form of depression caused by needing more color in your dwelling.  I feel a peace when I’m not surrounded by white that is unexplainable.

Tonight, I put a coat of paint on part of the walls.  Thanks to the seriously uneven surface, I have to buy more than I thought.  After that dried, we hung a properly fitting blind in the window and I moved the papasan from the living room into my personal sanctuary.  For the first time, tonight, I feel at peace in here.  It’s nothing special, it’s not complete, but it’s all me!  It’s good to find this feeling since I will more than likely spend quite a bit of time in here once school starts.

Tomorrow, I will hang the roman shade after pressing it.  For tonight, I’m going to get a cup of tea and read.

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