An Interesting Observation

I like to think of myself as artsy.  I’ve told myself for years that in order to be truly happy and truly succeed, I need to find something creative to do.  Today, I opened my GED transcript and found an interesting result. Two of the areas I thought would be my high points weren’t and one of my highest shocked the hell out of me.

Reading and Social Studies were the lowest.  I know that part of the issue with the reading was me over-analyzing the passages.  Personally, I didn’t care for the way the possible answers were worded.  I gathered a meaning or tone that wasn’t listed when I read the passage.  I read it again.  Nope, still the same.  No clue on the Social Studies, I thought I was really good at that subject.  Then again, my lows were in the 86th percentile, so I shouldn’t complain.

Math was my next highest score, 90th percentile.  I think I did well on that one because I was sure I would do poorly and studied.  A lot!  Hmmm, perhaps there is a lesson to be learned there.  I will have to remember that this fall!

I scored 750/800 on the writing portion of the test.  This put me in the 99th percentile.  Not to sound conceited, but I damned well hope I scored that high!  Writing is something I love, I’d hate for a test to tell me I’m no good!

The kicker was science.  740/800 for the 99th percentile again!  Where in the hell did that come from????  I thought I struggled with science in high school, was sure I needed to steer clear of it in college except when forced.  How did I live to be 30 years old believing that I was bad at science?

By my calculations, that puts me on par with the top 8% of “traditional high school students”, by theirs, I’m in the top 3%.  Not sure how that happens, but I’ll take it!  I must admit that I’m kicking myself even harder after looking at these results.  (dad, please don’t read the next sentence)  My parents were right.  I’m damned smart when I apply myself!

The one thing this evaluation does is give me a bit more confidence in considering Psychology as a possible major.  I will admit that I originally thought Psychology was sitting and talking to people, listening, helping.  In the past weeks, I’ve learned there’s much more to it and that a very small percentage of Psychology majors go on to be in the counseling field.  Reading how much of Psychology was research intimidated me.  “I’m no good at science.  I’d never make it through that.” was the thought filling my mind.  Even though some would say it’s just a piece of paper or doesn’t mean much of anything, my GED transcript does mean something to me and it has shown me what I am capable of.

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2 Responses to An Interesting Observation

  1. Steve Davis says:

    Interesting results. Good work. I’m excited for you.


  2. danielle says:

    I hate to admit that my parents were right. Of course, they usually were. On the bright side, this means that one day, your kids will grow up and realize that you were right, too!

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