Quick Bits

Here are a few things that popped into my head this week that don’t warrant their own posts…

Mount Horeb Couple has 4 winning lottery tickets:

This couple is apparently trying to patent their “formula” for picking the winning numbers.  Seems pretty simple to me, buy a ticket, play the same numbers long enough and you’re bound to win.  It could be a year, it could be 100 years.  In this case, it was 15 years of playing the same numbers.  The lottery is a game of chance, you’re odds are bound to be better if you’re not trying to pick a random set of numbers against a random set of numbers.  Sorry Adamsons, that secret is out!

Definition of a bad week:
First, a bus you own has to be evacuated on the side of the Beltline during rush hour because the driver locked the brakes.  Not exactly good publicity!  As if that wasn’t bad enough, less than a week later, you find yourself stuck in a silo because you didn’t listen to your family when they told you it was a bad idea.  Don’t worry Wayne, it has to get better!

Definition of a bad idea:
Rocking a porta-potty when you watch an off-duty deputy (who has been hired as security) walk in.  If you decide to do this, don’t get in the officers’ faces asking what you did to get thrown out!  This would be borderline for getting kicked out no matter what, but you did it to a cop!
If you get kicked out once, don’t sneak back in.  It’s not nearly as much fun to watch you get thrown out the second time.

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