Bringing Out the Worst?

This week, I’ve started reading more and more news online.  I felt as though I was a bit out of touch with both local and national news so I started reading two local papers online and various national media sites.  As I read the comments of some readers, I began to wonder if only the ignorant smart-asses comment on news articles.  Here are just a couple of examples:

An article regarding parents who are having problems buying school supplies:
“I am shocked that the right wing conservative crowd is not on here yet telling poor folks to just pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I’ll bet it’s coming.”

Why do we have to make this a conservative vs. liberal issue? Plain and simple, there are families who simply can’t afford it.  I think that in our current economy, everyone feels the pinch and realizes how tight it is for some people.  An article that attempts to make readers aware of the issues some families face is not the place to jab at conservatives or liberals.

42 people found in under-construction home after God told pastor to take them there, 8 looking at possible deportation:

“Funny how this god character is responsible for so much stuff, and no one has yet to see him. What a sorry cop-out for all the losers of the world. I would bring him up on charges of trespassing, harboring illegals, for all we know they could have been planning a terrorist attack? I think put the ol reverend in a padded room and deport the rest. Do it fast so our tax dollars dont get milked out for 2 years. Funny how religion is an excuse to do wrong in some cultures.”

Was the pastor and his followers wrong?  Most definitely.  If 8 were here illegally, that needs to be dealt with, but there were many comments on this article stating that all 42 should be deported, even those here legally.  And to suggest they be charged with planning a terrorist attack????

The effects of poverty on children and ADHD:

“suppose I’m just kinda “speechless” here…I want to “JUDGE” a bit, BUT, I’M REALLY HOLDING BACK HERE!! 🙂 I COMPLETELY understand “HARDSHIP” & all.. ;), BUT…??!! & WTF?!!!
THIS I WILL COMMENT ON!! :)….In ALL here, I suppose I learned that you can collect SS….on “a child w/ ADHD”??!! (lol! 🙂 Whose child isn’t NOWADAYS!! THAT’S just unbelieveable!! (..NOT really!!)…It’s NO WONDER “why?” I’ll NEVER be able to retire…”MY” SS will BE GONE!!!”

First, you don’t need to read this comment to be offended!  The only thing worse than all caps is caps every few words.  Am I the only one who reads inflection on the internet?  I have a headache from this one!  Second, I haven’t heard of a child with ADHD receiving SSI benefits. 

These are just a few comments I pulled while reading today.  Every day there are comments like this.  And I no longer visit any news forums because they’re even worse.  Where can a girl go to get good, intelligent conversation about current events???

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One Response to Bringing Out the Worst?

  1. stamperdad says:

    It always makes me so angry when someone questions whether ADHD actually exists. Let me tell you it exists. I live with one. I do agree some doctors are too quick to diagnose, but please don’t tell me it’s just behavior.

    Great post. Enjoyed reading.

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