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Brushing off the Dust

The bad thing about allowing a blog to go stale is that it’s very difficult to jump back in. Well, that and you have to wonder if anyone will want to read what you have to say. I’m hoping to … Continue reading

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Bringing Out the Worst?

This week, I’ve started reading more and more news online.  I felt as though I was a bit out of touch with both local and national news so I started reading two local papers online and various national media sites.  … Continue reading

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Quick Bits

Here are a few things that popped into my head this week that don’t warrant their own posts… Mount Horeb Couple has 4 winning lottery tickets: This couple is apparently trying to patent their “formula” for picking the winning numbers.  … Continue reading

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The Reality of Self-Help Reality

Last weekend, my family was discussing what could possibly make a family call a show like “Supernanny”.  My uncle wondered how, even if things were that bad, anyone would think it was a good idea to air your dirty laundry … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

This is what happens when I do housework.  I have time to think about random crap. Today’s question:  What’s in a name?  More specifically, how do you address your in-laws and how did you come to that decision? When I … Continue reading

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Many times, I come across message board posts asking how to decide what direction they should take with their blog.  For some, the answer is obvious.  They are blogging to promote their books, trying to develop an online presence, or … Continue reading

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Now I Know…

Yesterday, I had to take the ServSafe certification course.  This is a requirement by the state to become a licensed restaurant manager.  The good news is that I will soon be licensed, and if I choose to find a job … Continue reading

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